Exploratory testing course

Introduction exploratory testing

What problems does this course solve? Have you heard about exploratory testing as a testing method? Perhaps you’ve learned about it at a workplace you’ve been in. That’s what I thought until I discovered that I was only familiar with a basic variant of Exploratory Testing. One that didn’t fully utilize its potential. This course introduces you to Session Based Test Management, known as SBTM, where you use pre-planned test charters to maximize your exploratory testing efforts.

Do you know where and when to use exploratory testing? This is also an essential question that you’ll get answers to in this course. I’ll explain where it fits in a test process and the types of testing that are suitable for exploratory testing.

Why should you take this course? You’ll learn how to effectively conduct SBTM, understanding the significance of taking notes during testing. You’ll gain insights into why manual testing remains a crucial form of testing, despite the focus on test automation. Additionally, you’ll discover how SBTM and test automation complement each other.

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We always stay up to date with our courses by looking at those working in the field. Modern programs, work ways and experianced teachers who has and currently is working with what they teach.

Course includes

Scripted and exploratory testing

  • The differences between the test methods
  • When each method is suitable

The basics of Exploratory Testing

  • What is exploratory testing
  • What is AD hoc testing
  • Why it is needed
  • How to perform it
  • Exercises


  • What is SBTM
  • What the difference to traditional exploratory testing is
  • How to perform SBTM
  • Exercises

When is Exploratory Testing Appropriate?

  • What tests should be performed with Exploratory Testing
  • Which tests should you automate
  • Why Exploratory Testing finds the most critical bugs

The course is mainly aimed at professionals such as:

  • Testers
  • Test Managers
  • Developers
  • Project Managers, and others involved in ensuring the quality of a system.

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Time: 9.00 pm CET

Exploratory Testing

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Course leader

I’ve been doing this for over 13 years. I also struggled with finding good material to learn from.

The big change for me came when I started to activate myself outside working hours. I meet fellow testers. I got great tips on material to study. The biggest change came when I come over the ideas I am going to share with you in this course.

I’ve tested everything from small systems to so big you can´t see the end point. I have helped many companies set up their testing from scratch to a well functioning CI/CD-flow.

WARNING: I can´t tell you that you will do exact this, because I don´t know you… but I will give you the secrets you need to be a great tester.

I’ve helped hundreds of people like you before. To learn how to perform great software testing and think like a tester.

Jonas Breisel

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