Bug reporting in software testing

9900 kr

The course is held online on Zoom. The teaching is a mixture of theory and hands on practice.

  • Learn what a Bug is
  • How to write a good bug report
  • How to use RIMGEN
  • The purpose of a bug system and how to use it
  • Bug management
  • What and how should we report?
  • Selling bugs, how do we motivate the recipient?
  • Go through of different types of bug categories

So, why should you consider taking this course? Let me tell you! You'll not only master the art of SBTM, but you'll also understand the significance of taking detailed notes while testing. And here's a surprise – despite the hype around test automation, you'll discover why manual testing remains a critical component of quality assurance. Moreover, you'll uncover how SBTM and test automation beautifully complement each other, creating a powerful testing toolkit.