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How to switch career into software tester in 9 weeks

    A step by step guide for how you successfully can switch career to Software Tester in only 9 weeks! I will intersperse facts, humour and experience with my methodology to create learning beyond the stake.

    • Challenges of switching careers
      Switching careers is a process that takes time and effort. It starts with you making a commitment.
    • Practical tips and tricks to get hired
      With preparation, confidence, and positive attitude you can ace your job interview and land your dream job.
    • The 9 Week Software Tester course
      Is it really possible to do it in 9 weeks? I will show you why it is, and what the secret formula to succed with it is.

    A Tester’s Mindset

    You have to be able to think from 4 different perspectives.

    Curiosity and creativity are important skills for you as a tester. Especially when it comes to searching for new information and creating new test ideas.
    The critical mindset helps you see the unexpected when it happens. Question everything!
    You also need a technical and practical mindset. You build that up by learning new techniques and through experience.

    There’s even a 5th way of thinking!





    End 2 End Testing A Real Example

      How do you set up all testing from the first line of code is written to a complete product? There are many things that need to be considered. And what do you test after the product is released?

      Some things to consider:

        • What are you going to test
        • Do you have any certifications to fulfill
        • Is high pace with many releases important
        • Who is going to test what

      And there are much more to consider.

      What STAR WARS Can Teach Us About Test Strategy

        There are a couple of questions you need to answer to create an effective Test Strategy. The most important of them all is, what are you going to test?
        Or as I prefer to call it, what is your information goal?

        You will also learn:

          • Why a strategy is so important
          • How you can create one if you don’t have one
          • What the other questions are
          • And how you answer them


        If you would like to order a webinar or have an idea of how we can collaborate, don’t hesitate to reach out!

        Of course, we also have the option of visiting you for a personal lecture on-site.

        The Manual To Get A Good Start On A New Job


        Have you ever started a new job? Did you think of how to get a good start? Even if your answers are “Yes” and “Yes”. Did you have a plan for how to do this?

        If not, the key to success is to use a guide created by Bengt Kallenberg. I will describe it with real examples from my experiences. The method is divided in 3 different stages where you start with the quitting phase, then you have an exploring phase which suites us as testers and finally a starting phase, so why is this important for me as a tester?

        First of all curiosity and if you get a good start it will set you in a much better position when you want to get through changes for example in your way of working. This made it much easier for me to get through changes in my two most recent assignments and also to gain group trust. The first 90 days of a new job are particularly important.

        What you do and who you are then sets the scene for how good following years will be.


        “I participated in one of Jonas’ webinars on testing strategies. What stood out was that, in addition to knowing what he was talking about, he taught a number of good tactics. Knowledge in all its glory, but being able to apply it directly is invaluable.”

        Peter Trägårdh
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        “Very knowledgeable in the field of testing and a good lecturer. Gives meaningful answers to questions.”

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        “Not many are so efficient as Jonas , he possess rich knowledge in various Test Automation tools and frameworks. Not only technical skills Jonas possess great soft skills and communication skills which were a great help for me to understand the topics easily. I strongly recommend Jonas as a Test Automation Consultant and Good mentor.”

        Royalyn Gifty
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        “Jonas delivered a very competent and content-rich lecture for our test students about E2E testing, which was very much appreciated.
        I have worked with Jonas on several projects and he has always been quick and cooperative. Looking forward to the future :)”

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        “I would like to warmly recommend Jonas as a teacher in testing.”

        Michael Svensson
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        “He is incredibly good at explaining without getting too technical or speaking jargon. Good at making his listeners think in new ways.”

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        “I warmly recommend Jonas as a teacher, as I got a very strong impression of how competent he is in testing.”

        Jonathan Larin
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        “I can really recommend Jonas!”

        Erik Eklund
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        “Jonas knows the testing space inside out. Recently he held a much appreciated lecture in my company called “A Testers Mindset”. This was mainly targeted towards my QA engineers but I would say that the content is relevant to all engineers working with software. Looking forward for more lectures and discussions in the future. I can recommend Jonas’ for his ability to inspire, teach and coach software teams that want to improve within the testing and QA space.”

        Markus Koskinen
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