How Corona virus affected us

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March 26, 2020
How the unknown affects people and managers in the same way

How the unknown affects people and managers in the same way

It´s hard to not think about the Coronavirus that are affecting the complete society and world now. There is one interesting thing I have noticed that is in this mess and relates to software testing. It’s a link to my newfound belief in what software testing is about.

We had a discussion a while ago about what testing is

It was as usual many opinions, but one person named Fredrik Scheja, mentioned that he had changed his view lately to how important it is that we reconnect test with a feeling. Where he mentioned that it’s important that we think about the humans diversified needs of information when we deliver test results.

All this comes from the human’s basic desire for security and in addition the desire to keep a curiosity in order to continuously learn something new about the system we are developing.

How the unknown affects people and managers in the same way

So how does this connect to what is happening in the society right now?

For the last month we have been able to see how people in panic are buying toilet paper and hamstring food. Why are people doing this, mostly because they are afraid of what will happen and no one can tell for sure, so the future is unknown.

When we as humans are insecure, we tend to panic and take strange decisions. That lies in our nature and that is the reason to why we need information, so we can feel secure and that we know what is going to happen. There is one interesting thing about this when is the future predictable isn’t it always unknown? But that’s another question

The connection to software testing

So, what is the link to software testing then. When I started to think about this new definition about what software testing is about. I remembered so many examples of strange decisions managers have been taking due to lack of information. They have done it in panic due to that they have felt unsecure because they don’t have enough information to feel safe about the quality of the product.

I think you all recognize the question is it safe to ship the software or product now? If not, you get the follow up question when is it?

angry manager


In the very end both situations are about lack of information which make people or managers acting strange and in panic. When I first come up with the thought, I found it very interesting and it also made my belief in that this thing about feelings and feeling secure is an important part of testing.

What do you think?

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